Incentivizing learning by streaming rewards

To reskill and upskill the learning community across.

We created a dApp that can connect Sponsor and Learner together to achieve learning goals, that can create business impact for the organization. Sponsor can signup, onboard learners, create courses, assign reward for courses. Learner can learn the courses, take assessment, receive proof of milestone NFTS and earn rewards in USDCx super token. Learner can unwrap the token to stable coin and withdraw to their exchange account.

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Instant Rewards

Kalvi incentivizes learners instantaneously when certain milestones are achieved using LTEM(Learning Transfer Evaluation)

Social Learning

Humans are social animals,We improve completion rate by social learning, People change by observing others

Adaptive Learning

We believe one size doesnt fit all and use the state of the art AI to understand individual pain points and overcome it better

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To reskill and upskill the learning community across.

COVID has changed learning forever. There is a paradigm shift in the way people learnt pre and post COVID, there is high growth and adoption in Education Technology.

We are experiencing an unplanned and rapid migration to online learning. A huge number of people started joining online courses to reskill and upskill. It is clear that this pandemic has utterly disrupted the way we learn. It had both positive and negative impacts. There was a terrible disconnect between the enrollment rate and completion rate which questioned the impact of online learning.


Learner's drop out rate is up by 67 % with most of them leaving due to a lack of Motivation and engaging content. We need to fix this problem by focusing on ways to Motivate the users ,Personalise and Reward their learning journey.

Life of a Kalvi Learner

Let us look at how a typicall learner journey will look like using Kalvi platfrom.